FC-AL Direct Disk Attach Profile ver 1.20

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Wed Jan 4 15:53:05 PST 1995

From:  Kurt Chan, hp
To:    FC, SCSI Reflectors
Subj:  FC-AL Direct Disk Attach Profile ver 1.20
Date:  Wed Jan  4 15:36:52 PST 1995

Version 1.20 of the FC-AL Direct Disk Attach Profile is now available
via anonymous ftp on ncrinfo.ncr.com.  Look under:


In addition to incorporating the most recent changes from the adhoc
working group, there is also a new Annex which describes a proposal
for interoperability with ports which advertise nonzero Login_BB_Credit.

Still to be documented:

- How to discover if a port supports this profile (see Walford
  proposal in X3T11 for use of VU version bits)

- Interoperable use of ACA=1

- There was also a question regarding whether or not it would be
  beneficial to require that all frames but the last frame of a
  Sequence be "full-sized" frames (equal in length to the
  Buffer-to-buffer receive Data_Field Size of the Sequence Recipient).

The last planned adhoc meeting will be 2 Feb in Milpitas, where
external cable and connector issues will be primarily discussed.  I
hope to resolve the VU and ACA issues with the respective ANSI
committees, and we can discuss these along with the frame size issue
via future reflector discussions.

The SFF committee will own the external copper cable/connector
standardization effort starting with the Fri 3/10 meeting in Orange


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