GEM's GPP LB Comments

Gene at Gene at
Tue Jan 3 12:47:24 PST 1995

Letter ballot to forward GPP Technical Report from Gene Milligan

I vote yes with the following comments:

1) In the Patent Statement change "standard" to "technical report" five places 
and in the sixth place (next to last place) change it to "standard or technical 

2) In the foreword change "has the following members" to "had the following 

3) In the first paragraph of the introduction change "GPP provides" to "GPP 

4) In the first line of section 1.3 change "SCSI-3 standards" to "SCSI-3 
standards, technical reports, and related standards"

5) On the first line of page 4 delete "that fall under the jurisdiction of 
X3T10" and delete the last paragraph of section 1.3 on page 4.

6) Delete the section titles "Normative references" and "Informative references 
and make section 2 just References without subclauses.

7) In section 3.1 change "used in this standard" to "used in this technical 
report" and do a global search to see where else this problem may need 

8) Why are the Annexes produced in pares? It appears that they could be 
combined having the number of annexes.

9) In Annex I (the first of two covering ATM), does X3T10 stand unequivocally 
behind the assertion that "ATM is unreliable?

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