Draft Agenda -- SCSI Working Group March 7-8, 1995

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.FtCollinsCo.NCR.COM
Mon Feb 27 12:46:00 PST 1995

Please let me know if I've missed any topics near and dear to you -- John

                    X3T10 SCSI Working Group Meeting
                              Draft Agenda
                            Newport Beach, CA
                             March 7-8, 1995

1. Opening Remarks

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Attendance and Membership

4. Physical Topics
   4.1 Next-Generation SPI Proposals [Aloisi, Ham, Harris, Lohmeyer, Penman]
   4.2 Fast-20 Minimum Negation Current Issue (95-139r2) [Lohmeyer]
   4.3 Public Review Comments (if any) on SPI
      4.3.1 Editorial Correction to SPI Rev 15 in Annex B [Johansson]

5. Protocol Topics
   5.1 Addressability of TARGET RESET task management function (94-236r0)
   5.2 ACA Autoclear [Weber]
   5.3 SIP Review [Penman]
   5.4 Public Review Comments on SAM
   5.5 Public Review Comments on FCP
   5.6 Public Review Comments (if any) on SBP

6. Command Set Topics
   6.1 Proposed INQUIRY Command Enhancements (94-188r7) [Weber]
   6.2 Multiple Port Operations (94-233) [Snively]
   6.3 Attached Medium Changer Model (95-103r0) [Weber]
   6.4 Conflict Between Read Long and the Read-write Error Recovery Page
   6.5 Determining the status of an immediate command (94-244r0) [Lappin]
   6.6 What should be done with CCS References in SPC? [Tewell]
   6.7 Public Review Comments (if any) on SCC

7. Other Topics

8. Meeting Schedule

9. Adjournment

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