X3T10 Letter Ballot Reminder

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.FtCollinsCo.NCR.COM
Thu Feb 23 10:13:00 PST 1995

I hate to nag, but the X3T10 Letter Ballot on forwarding ATA-2 to first 
public review closes March 2nd at noon.  The letter ballots were mailed 
directly to all X3T10 Principal members and were included at the front of 
the committee mailing.

So far, I have slightly over half of the letter ballots back and the rest of 
you procrastinators have about one week to return your ballots.  The 
organizations that I have not received a ballot from are:

Adaptec, Inc.
Amdahl Corp.
Ciprico Inc.
Circuit Assembly Corp.
Cirrus Logic Inc.
Compaq Computer Corp.
Conner Peripherals
Exabyte Corp.
Future Domain Corp.
Hitachi Micro Systems, Inc.
Interphase Corp.
Iomega Corp.
Linfinity Micro
Maxoptix Corp.
NEC Technologies Inc.
National Semiconductor
QLogic Corp.
Seagate Technology
Sequoia Advanced Tech., Inc.
Silicon Systems, Inc.
Storage Technology Corp.
Sun Microsystems Computer Co
Tandem Computers
Trimm Industries
Unitrode Integrated Circuits
Western Digital Corporation


PS:  Ballots must be kept confidential until the ballot period closes.  If 
you include comments with your ballot (you must do so if you are voting no), 
please send the comments electronically to me (not the reflector).  Comments 
should be numbered and include section references in the working draft.

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