March FC-AL Direct Attach Disk adhoc

Kurt Chan kc at
Mon Feb 20 17:30:29 PST 1995

From:  Kurt Chan
To:    FC, SCSI Reflectors
Subj:  3/95 FC-AL Direct Attach Disk adhoc
Date:  Mon Feb 20 17:27:49 PST 1995

Thanks to John Lohmeyer and Skip Jones for accomodating us with little
advance notice.  The FC-AL direct attach disk adhoc is scheduled in
Garden Room 1 at the Hyatt Newporter (714) 729-1234 on Monday, 3/6/95,
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (another group comes into room at 5:30 PM).

I don't believe we'll need all day for this meeting, but given the
recent flurry of flow control discussions, perhaps we might!  I'll
post an agenda later this week.


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