Focus Meeting on P1394 Bus Management in San Jose

Wed Feb 15 15:57:09 PST 1995

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This note announces an additional meeting of P1394 Ballot Resolution Committee
with specific emphasis on P1394 Bus Management issues.

   Dates:  March 14 and 15, 1995         (Tuesday and Wednesday)
   Time:   9 AM through 5 PM both days
   City:   San Jose, California
   Host:   Scott Smyers
           Sony Corporation of America
           3300 Zanker Road

The motivation for the new, subject meeting comes to two sources:
    (1) There is a large level of interest in P1394 Bus Management
         as well as a large number of public review comments directed
        toward this topic and thereby requiring processing by the
        Ballot Response Committee.
    (2)  A number of contributing parties regarding Bus Management
         will not be able to participate in the ANSI week BRC
         meetings scheduled the week of March 6 in Newport Beach.

As a result this additional meeting has been scheduled.

Please note, the BRC meetings scheduled for March 6, 7, and 8 will
still occur in Newport Beach. There is a large amount of work to be
done and this meeting is still necessary and will be held.

For directions to the Sony Zanker Road facility, please contact
Scott Smyers at (408) 955-5180.

Best regards,
Jerry Marazas,
P1394 Chair

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