Announcement of P1394 Ballot Resolution Committee March Mtg.

Fri Feb 3 08:27:40 PST 1995

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This note serves as announcement of the March Meeting of the P1394
Ballot Resolution Committee (BRC). In an effort to accommodate travel
schedules of interested parties, this BRC meeting is being held
at the location and during the time period of the X3T10 (SCSI)
meeting in March.

   Dates: March 6, 1995   1:00 PM Start, runs until 5 PM
          March 7, 1995   From 9:00 AM to 5 PM
          March 8, 1995   From 9:00 AM to 5 PM
  Place:  Hyatt Newporter Hotel
  City:   Newport Beach, California
  Phone:  (714) 729-1234
  Host:   QLogic, Skip Jones
  Special Room Rate obtainable by mentioning QLogic, X3T10 ANSI meeting.

  This meeting is the second meeting of the P1394 Ballot Resolution Committee.
Please note, participation is open to ALL INTERESTED PARTIES, not just
the specific members of the Ballot Resolution Committee authorized by
the P1394 Working Group. Note also, each participant has an equal vote
regarding subject matter put to a vote at the given meeting. In contrast
with X3T10 meetings, this IEEE meeting follows the voting procedure in
which participants vote as individuals rather than by a company vote.

I anticipate that a BRC meeting will be held in April with location
and specific dates to be announced later. I expect the time / place
to be in coordination with either the X3T11 meeting or the P1394 Trade
Association meeting in April.

Best regards,
Jerry Marazas,
P1394 chair

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