P1394 Ballot Resolution Committee Authorization Passes

Fri Feb 3 07:50:21 PST 1995

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By this note I announce successful Passage of the Resolution submitted
to the Voting Members of the P1394 Working Group.
This motion being authorization of a Ballot Resolution Committee (BRC)
to act on behalf of the P1394 Working group for the purpose of responding
to comments receive on the Sponsor Ballot upon Draft 7.1v1 of the
proposed IEEE Standard -- 1394 -- High Performance Serial Bus.

This note also serves to act as a reminder that the first meeting of
the BRC is being hosted by me on February 14, 15, and 16 at the
IBM main plant site (51 st Street) in Boca Raton, Florida.
Please note, the meeting of the BRC is open to ALL INTERESTED PARTIES,
and is not limited to the slate of specifically identified responders
as authorized by the subject Working Group vote. Note also, voting
procedures at all BRC meetings treat each attendee equally. All attending
individuals are granted the right to vote upon subject matter
considered at the given BRC meeting.

Note, I anticipate it will be necessary for the BRC to meet at the rate
of once per month until its work is completed. Meetings of the BRC,
in addition to the cited February meeting, are scheduled for March and
for April. Timely notice of the March and the April meetings will
be posted by separate notes.

Finally, I request each person intending to participate in the
previously announced February meeting to send me an E_mail at:
     marazas at bcrvmpc2.vnet.ibm.com.
Such E-mail notification to me will greatly simplify sign-in procedures
at the IBM reception lobby.

Best regards,
Jerry Marazas,
P1394 Chair

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