No ATA Agenda items at the January 11th X3T10 Meeting

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Tue Dec 19 16:00:00 PST 1995

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I have been informed that the X3 Secretariat believes that all ATA projects 
(ATA, ATA-2, ATA-3, ATAPI, and the pending ATA+PI project) have been 
transferred to the new X3T13 Technical Committee.  They further believe it 
inappropriate for X3T10 to take any further actions on these projects. 
 Consequently, I will be removing these items from the January X3T10 Agenda.

Since this information is second hand, I have not yet received a ruling 
regarding the letter ballot on forwarding the ATA-3 document.  I assume (but 
do not know for sure) that the ballot will be allowed to close on January 
3rd. and that all comment resolution will be transferred to X3T13.

John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10 Technical Committee

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