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Fri Dec 15 16:12:07 PST 1995

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X3, Information Processing Systems

Doc. No.   X3T10/96-101R0
Date:	     December 5 & 6, 1995
Project:     X3T10-1048D	
Ref. Doc.:  X3T10/94-057
Reply to:   R. Roberts

To:		Membership of X3T10
From:	R.K. Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group -December 5 & 6, 1995

The MMC Working group met in Cupertino,  CA on Tuesday, December 
5, 1995 from 9:30AM to 5PM and Wednesday  December 6, 1995 
|from 8:30 to 4PM.  

Hosted by:     Philips Semiconductors
Location:        CUPERTINO HOTEL
                       10889 N. DeAnza Blvd
                       Cupertino, CA  95014
                      Ph. 408-996-7700
                      Ph. 1-800-222-4828
                     Fax  408-257-0578

Meeting	AGENDA
	1.0 	Opening Remarks
	2.0 	Introductions
	3.0 	Document Distribution
	4.0	Call for Patents
	5.0	Approval of Agenda
	6.0 	Meeting Agenda
	    6.1  WD write process (D.W.) (half day)
	    6.2  Review of document page by page (day & half)
	    6.3  Review any Technology proposals (please provide copies of docs, if
	7.0	New Business
	8.0	Review of Action Items
	9.0	Future Meeting Schedule
	10.0	Adjournment


1.0 	Opening Remarks
Ron Roberts open the meeting at 9:30 AM on Tuesday 12/5/95. 
He thanked Philips Semiconductor for hosting the meeting and 
providing for a  very nice meeting place. It was noted that this
meeting was has been authorized by X3T10 and will be conducted 
under the X3 rules.  Ad hoc, working group, meetings take no final
 actions, but prepare recommendations for approval by the X3T10 
task group.  The voting  rules for the meeting are those of the parent
 committee, X3T10.  For the ad hoc, working group, other than straw
 votes, the voting rules are:  one vote per participating company. 
The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the X3T10 BBS, the
SCSI Reflector,  the MMC Reflector and will be included in the
 next X3T10 committee mailing.
Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward 
minimum attendance requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working
 group meetings are open to any person or company to attend and
 to express their opinion  on the subjects being discussed.
The proposed schedule for completing the document for 1st public
 review was presented by Ron, with the dates being, complete 
Revision 4 by the January  meetings, include Revision 5 in the January 
X3T10 mailings to be submitted for 1st Public Review at the March meeting.
2.0 	Introductions
As usual introductions were made all around, and a sign-up sheet was 
distributed. The list of attendees is attached at the end of the minutes.
3.0 	Document Distribution
Revision 3X of the MMC document was distributed for review on Wednesday.
 Copies of the HP write process , Mechanical Status command,
 Load/Unload Command, and WD write process  were also handed out.
4.0	Call for Patents
The normal call for patients was made by Ron. There were no new
 patients disclosed.
5.0	Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as presented along with the time constraints.
6.0 	Meeting Agenda
6.1    WD write process (D.W.) (half day)
John Hannman presented the Write proposal that is being submitted
to ATAPI. The presentation included flow charts and detailed command 
definitions. The documents were reviewed in depth and some changes
 were identified and made. After the presentation Ron suggested that 
 the group look at some ways to combine the two proposals into one 
Write Proposal. After much discussion it was decided that both 
processes would be included in the document. The editor stated he 
would include them.
6.2      Review of document page by page (day & half)
The rest of the meeting time was spent in reviewing page by page the
 document revision provided. The complete document was reviewed. 
The changes noted are to be included in the next revision to be 
distributed on Dec 21. The document file will be available on the SCSI
6.3       Review any Technology proposals (please provide copies of docs,
 if any)
No new technology proposals were brought forth.
7.0	New Business
No new business
8.0	Review of Action Items
9.0	Future Meeting Schedule
Next Working Group session will be in Dallas, TX on Jan 9 & 10, 
Tuesday and Wednesday in conjunction with X3T10 week. The meeting
 schedule is 1 PM - 6 PM on Tuesday, and 9 AM - 6 PM Wednesday.
10.0	Adjournment
The meetings adjourned at 3:30PM.
List Of Attendees

Name	                     Company	         E-mail
Mr. Chris Brown 	  APPLE COMPUTER, In  cbrown.c at
Mr. Florey Lin	  Cirrus Logic	       florey at
Mr. Rob Sims 	  Hewlett Packard	       robsims at
Mr. Duncan Penman  IIX	                       penman at
Mr. Jack Chen	  Oak Technology	       jackc at
Mr. Kent Manabe	  Panasonic/AKEI	      102511.1602 at
Mr. Dave Pohm	  Philips	                      dave-p at
Mr. Kevin Ross	  Philips Semiconductor rossk at
Mr. Ron Roberts	  SIERRA-PAC Technology	rkroberts at
Mr. Mike Yokoyama	  SONY	                      masayuki at
Mr. Carl Bonke	  Western Digital	      bonke at
Mr. Jonathan Hanmann  Western Digital	      hanmann_j at
Mr. Devon Worrell	  Western Ditigal	      worrell at
Mr. Ken Takeshita	  Yamaha Corp 	      take at
Mr. Masa Morizumi	  Yamaha Corp	      mori at

Ron Roberts    SIERRA-PAC TECHNOLOGY PO BOX 2389     Shingle Springs,   CA
Ph (916) 677-5714       Fax (916) 677-1218                  email:
    rkroberts at

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