Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.ftcollinsco.ncr.com
Tue Dec 12 22:51:00 PST 1995

Anyone on the SCSI Reflector knows that I've had enough fun with bounced 
emails to last me a   l__o__n__g   time.  I am sure to get a bunch more by 
cross-posting to 4 reflectors.  I am sorry about all the duplicate emails 
some of you will receive, however I need to reach the same people Dal has 

Please cool it about the IPF!  Dal's email implies that Roger and I are out 
of options and that it is time to take drastic actions.  That is not true. 
 Furthermore, while I agree that the IPF could be assessed more fairly than 
it currently is, I think all this fuss is way out of line.  $300 per year is 
not that much compared to the costs (travel, salary, etc.) that my employer 
pays in support of standards development.

I encourage those of you who agree with Dal's position to write those 
letters.  However, withholding payment of the 1996 IPF will only serve to 
throw fuel oil on an open fire.  I cannot support this tactic.

John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10 Technical Committee

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