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Tue Dec 12 11:46:40 PST 1995

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by: <Mail Router (smail 2.9  dl,da,fa,tu,po,qf,lo,dbm  03/23/95 43) <MAILER-DAEMON at ncrcae.ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM>>

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No matching or similar name in the people
database for 'mike.leonard'.

Executing: /usr/lib/mail/surrcmd/smtpqer -B -C -u ncrcae.ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM!Symbios.COM!scsi2 folsom ewilliam at folsom

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>From scsi2 Tue Dec 12 12:35:00 MST 1995 remote from Symbios.COM
Received: from ncrgw1.UUCP (ncrgw1 at localhost) by (8.7.3/8.7.3) with UUCP id OAA18673; Tue, 12 Dec 1995 14:45:45 -0500 (EST)
Received: by ncrgw1.ATTGIS.COM; 12 Dec 95 14:40:04 EST
Received: (from root at localhost) by ( id MAA17659; Tue, 12 Dec 1995 12:34:41 -0700
Received: from by via smap (V1.3)
	id sma017628; Tue Dec 12 12:34:25 1995
Received: (from majordom at localhost) by Symbios.COM ( id MAA06874 for scsi2-outgoing; Tue, 12 Dec 1995 12:33:59 -0700
Received: from (ncrcolo.NCRMicro.NCR.COM []) by Symbios.COM ( with SMTP id MAA06851 for <aztec!!scsi2>; Tue, 12 Dec 1995 12:33:56 -0700
Received: by; 12 Dec 95 12:33:29 MST
	id <30CDD964 at>; Tue, 12 Dec 95 12:35:00 MST
From: "Lohmeyer, John" <JLOHMEYE at>
To: "'smtp:scsi2 at'" <scsi2 at Symbios.COM>
Subject: Test message -- please delete
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 12:35:00 MST
Message-ID: <30CDD964 at>
Encoding: 11 TEXT
X-Mailer: Microsoft Mail V3.0
Sender: scsi2 at
Precedence: bulk
Reply-To: scsi2 at Symbios.COM

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by: <"Lohmeyer, John" <JLOHMEYE at>>

This is a test of the Majordomo implementation of the SCSI Reflector. 
 Please do not reply.  If all goes well, the SCSI Reflector will be moved 
very soon.  Details will follow.

John Lohmeyer             E-Mail:  john.lohmeyer at
Symbios Logic Inc.         Voice:  719-573-3362
1635 Aeroplaza Dr.           Fax:  719-573-3037
Colo Spgs, CO 80916     SCSI BBS:  719-574-0424 300--14400 baud

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