Checklist of actions from minutes and meeting reminder

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Aug 4 17:17:32 PDT 1995

To:			Distribution

From:			Bob Snively

Date:			August 1, 1995

Subject:	Teleconference on SFF-8045, -46, -47, and -48, August 1


1)	8046 and 8048

	Provide explicit wording indicating drives are required
	not to have terminations.

	"The drives shall not provide termination."


2)	8045 and 8047

	Pull-ups have to be provided by or through backplane.
	No passive will be provided on the drive for the ID signals.

	8045 Done
	8047 Done by reference

3)	Glossary for backplane

	Be sure that everyone understands that backplane means
	on or through the backplane, since the actual signals may
	be connected to the backplane connector by some other

	Done for 8045, 8046, 8047, (inclusive in unchanged text for 8048)

4)	8047

	SER_DATA shall be moved from pin 9 to pin 37.


5)	Current conventions

	Specified at connector, drive current available or
	drive current needed.  Positive is into drive.
	Alvin's text is modified to read.
	"Tables specify the voltage and/or current...


6)	8045, Section

	Alvin's and Dal's suggested wording is corrected and
	moved to section 6.4.7 to describe and separate
	the two functions and their optional and non-optional
	selection before the two sections which actually
	describe the functions.

	8045 Done

	It is suggested that the wording include the definition
	of this signal as an open collector or other circuit
	without an active pull-up.  The pull-up must be >= 10 K.

	8045 Done

7)	8045, Section 6.4.9

	No change right now in the electronic information.

	8045, 8047 Note added.

	The bypass will remain active until the drive has
	performed appropriate internal initialization and
	has met the requirements of any states established
	by MODE SELECT or other commands.

	8045, 8047 Done

	Remove last two lines of table 6-9.

	8045, 8047 Done

8)	Management of bypass circuits

	After considerable discussion, we decided to leave this
	out for now.

9)	Section 7.1


	8045, 8047 Done

10)	Pat Edsall's request that short/long pins be specified on backpanel


	8045, 8047 Done

11)	Table 6-5, note by Alvin

	Include 3.3 as possible voltage for 6.4.5

	8045, 8047 Done

12)	Which document to update

	Snively document is base,  Allan document is guide.

13)	The next meeting will be:

	Thursday August 10 in Tarrytown.  It will be a breakfast meeting
	in the hotel dining room starting at 7:30.  It will consider
	the "final" documents which will be finished sometime this week.


Jim Coomes:		To provide improved wording for
			section 6.4.8 to include characteristic
			impedance and coupling properties of
			FC signals.


Mike Nemeth		DEC		CO Springs	
Dan Colgrove		IBM		SJ
Alvin Cox		Seagate		OKC
Gene Milligan		Seagate		OKC
Pat Edsall		HP		Boise
Robert Mejia		HP		Boise
Jim Coomes		Seagate		MN
Bob Snively		Sun		Menlo Park, CA
Jim Espy		Clarion		Boston
Ed Gardner		Quantum		CO Springs


Cox comment:

__________________________________________  SEL_n Function:

Paragraph immediately preceding TABLE 6-7:
"The pull-up resistor is on the backplane and has a value appropriate to limit 
the required assertion drive to less than the specified Iol."
Should state:  "The backplane shall provide the appropriate HIGH or LOW state 
to the disk drive."

__________________________________________, 8047

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