Question on RECOVERED ERROR handling

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at
Fri Aug 4 08:22:00 PDT 1995


I think it is not inconsistent to report RECOVERED ERROR sense key for a 
deferred error.  The sense key pertains to the deferred error, not the 
current command.  The most-recent command is not performed (and normally 
would be re-issued) no matter what the sense key is for the deferred error.

I think the SCSI-2 wording would be clearer if we had omitted the word 
'last' from the first sentence:

>"RECOVERED ERROR: Indicates that the last command completed
>successfully with some recovery action performed by the
>target. Details may be determinable by examining the
>additional sense bytes and the information field. When
>multiple errors occur during one command, the choice of
>which error to report (first, last, most severe, etc.) is
>device specific."

I would vote for behavior a):

>a) The command has terminated without execution. The state
>of the media is unchanged. For a sequential device, the host
>must reissue the command without repositioning the media.


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