Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda for May '95 X3T10 Meeting

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Wed Apr 19 11:14:00 PDT 1995

                             MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                ASC X3T10 Technical Committee and S.F.F., ATA,
                        RAID, SCSI, SSA Working Groups

                                MAY 7-12, 1995

                          Hosted by: AMP Incorporated

LOCATION:         Sheraton Inn Harrisburg
                  800 East Park Drive
                  Harrisburg, PA 17111
                  Phone 717-561-2800 or 800-325-3535

ROOM RATE:  $80.00 plus 6% tax


RESERVATION CUTOFF DATE:      April 23, 1995

Limo  service is available from the Harrisburg/Middletown Airport.   When 
arrive use the hotel telephone located in the luggage pickup area.

HOST CONTACT:  Charles Brill, AMP Incorporated, 717-558-6198.

    Draft Agenda X3T10 Plenary Meeting #9 -- Harrisburg, PA -- May 11, 1995

1. Opening Remarks
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Attendance and Membership
4. Approval of Minutes - March Meeting Newport Beach, CA (X3T10/95-171r0)
5. Document Distribution
6. Call for Patents
7. Review of Old Action Items
8. Subgroup and/or Project Status Reports
      8.1 Project Status Summary and X3/OMC Liaison [Lohmeyer]
      8.2 X3T10.1 Task Group Report
      8.3 SCSI Common Access Method (CAM) {Project 792-D} [Dallas]
      8.4 ATA Extensions (ATA-2) Status {Project 948-D} [Finch]
      8.5 SCSI-3 Parallel Interface (SPI) Status {Project 855-D} [Lamers]
      8.6 SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SIP) Status {Project 856-D} [Penman]
      8.7 Directly-Addressable Device Interface (DADI) Status {Project 
      8.8 SCSI Common Access Method -3 (CAM-3) Status {Project 990-D} 
      8.9 SCSI-3 Generic Packetized Protocol (GPP) Status {Project 991-DT}
      8.10 SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) Status {Project 992-D} [Roberts]
      8.11 SCSI-3 Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) Status {Project 993-D}
      8.12 SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM) Status {Project 994-D} [Monia]
      8.13 SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) Status {Project 995-D} [Weber]
      8.14 SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC) Status {Project 996-D} [Tewell]
      8.15 SCSI-3 Stream Commands (SSC) Status {Project 997-D} [Lappin]
      8.16 SCSI-3 Graphics Commands (SGC) Status {Project 998-D} [Tewell]
      8.17 SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands (SMC) Status {Project 999-D}
      8.18 SCSI-3 Controller Commands (SCC) Status {Project 1047-D} 
      8.19 Multimedia Command Set (MMC) Status {Project 1048-D} [Roberts]
      8.20 SCSI-3 Fast-20 Parallel Interface (Fast-20) {Project 1071-D}
      8.21 AT Attachment-3 Interface (ATA-3) Status {Project 2008-D}
      8.22 ATA Packet Interface (ATAPI) Status {Project 1120-D} [Milligan]
      8.23 XOR Commands Study Group [Houlder]
      8.24 Systems Issues Study Group [Penman]
      8.25 SPI Futures Study Group [Aloisi]
9. Old Business
      9.1 Clarification of international program fee [Allan]
      9.2 Addressability of TARGET RESET task management function (94-236r1)
10. New Business
      10.1 Resolution of SCSI CAM (0792-D) Public Review Comments
      10.2 Resolution of SCSI-3 SPI (0855-D) Public Review Comments
      10.3 Resolution of SCSI-3 SBP (0992-D) Public Review Comments
      10.4 Resolution of SCSI-3 FCP (0993-D) Public Review Comments
      10.5 Resolution of SCSI-3 SAM (0994-D) Public Review Comments
      10.6 Resolution of SCSI-3 SCC (1047-D) Public Review Comments
      10.7 Request for Blocks of Density Codes and Medium Type Codes for QIC
      Tape Drives (95-201) [Freeman]
11. ISO Report [Milligan]
12. Liaison Reports
      12.1 X3T11 Liaison Report [Cummings]
      12.2 SFF Industry Group [Allan]
      12.3 IEEE P1394 [Marazas]
      12.4 IEEE P1285 Status [Pak]
      12.5 PCMCIA Report [McLean]
      12.6 AIIM C21 [Podio]
13. Review of Action Items
14. Meeting Schedule
      14.1 Authorization of Working Group Meetings
15. Adjournment


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