Missing Page Code?

James Whitworth James.Whitworth at conner.com
Thu Apr 13 16:46:55 PDT 1995

To:	SCSI Reflector

From:	James Whitworth (james.whitworth at conner.com)

Message:	In SCSI-3 SCC (X3T10/1047D, rev 4, clause 6.9, Table 112), 
there is a reference to Page Code 0Dh, Power Condition page. Information 
regarding this page is shown to be found in SCSI-3 SPC (X3T10/995D). I am 
unable to locate this page in either the SPC or SBC (X3T10/996D) documents. 
Has this page (0D) been deleted, or has it been omitted from either of the 
"command" documents?

In SPC, clause 8.3, Table 80, Code 0D is referenced to specific device type.

In SBC, clause 7.1.3, Table 69, Code 0D is shown as reserved.


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