SCSI, Networks & Sense Data

Charles Monia monia at
Tue Apr 4 16:24:48 PDT 1995

Ken Hallam wrote in part:

>Your bland assurance that the ULP only needs to know if the link works or
>is broken, does not cover all of the cases that I can think of. Most larger
>systems want to know something about the progress of time dependent
>operations, (like those on tape drives for instance) and about types and
>classes of errors in the LLP. This is not to say such applications create a
>mandate for their inclusion into SAM, only that the possibility exists and
>should be allowed for.

Hi Ken:

Rather than reply at length, I'd like to blandly point out that SAM reflects
the way layered, distributed systems are commonly designed and specified. Such
a reply would, therefore, only repeat ideas that can be found in any text on
the subject.

Regarding the problems you say are in SAM, I think you should prepare a
detailed proposal for consideration by the committee. The proposal should
describe the problems in detail and the changes you think are needed..

Charles Monia

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