SCSI-3 Controller Commands Tutorial

Louis Grantham Louis.Grantham at
Fri Sep 9 06:11:32 PDT 1994

To All,

I will be giving a tutorial on what is in the SCSI-3 Controller Commands
standard.  The intent of the tutorial is to explain the terminology and
complexities the SCC standard.  The tutorial will be of value to persons
wanting to make an informed vote on the upcomming letter ballot and to
persons who are interested in or are developing RAID products.

The tutorial will be in Houston at the Hotel Sofitel (the same place as
the X3T10 meeting) on September 13th.  The tutorial will be in the same
room as the X3T10 RAID Working Group/RAB host interface group meeting.
It will start at 9:00am.  The completion time is unknown.

Bye for now,

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