Another connector gripe...

Tom Beach dtb at
Fri Sep 23 08:34:50 PDT 1994

Jeff Blaalid, CMD Technology, notes:
> >Say, have any of you folks out there had any problems with bent pins on your
> >SCSI-2 connectors, particularly the 68-pin style?  I have, even though I try
> >to be careful.  I have seen a "mini Centronics" style connector in the 100
>     We have substantial problems with bent pins - it is a major headache
>     for our technical support group.  And a very costly one.  

Agreed, also in evaluating SCSI devices with the 68 pin connector I'm
finding that there are two cable retention schemes. One uses a latch and
the other uses screws. As you might guess, these are totally and
completely incompatible. If you have a cable with the latch it won't
even mate with a connector with the screw retention. You can't even
TEST it!!!

Incredibly frustrating!!!!

>     We are currently discussing using the "mini Centronics" for our
>     high-end subsystems because it has become such a problem.
> >Are any folks out there sympathetic to my concern?  I'd like to know what
> >this "mini Centronics" style connector's official industry name is, as well.
>     Very sympathetic.  We are all stuck with these stupid pin connectors

Me too! 

Maybe it would be prudent for the committee to deselect this inferior
connection scheme and quicky (did I really use quickly and committee
in the same sentance?) move to approve a mini ribbon....

There is precedent! Anybody remember the ORIGINAL SCSI shielded connector?


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