SCSI connectors

Brian A Berg bberg at
Thu Sep 22 23:56:12 PDT 1994

Well, I figured I wasn't the only one out there having to deal with these
bent pins!  I have seen it show up as a Parity Error during the Data
Phase of an otherwise successfully issued command in a differential
bus set up -- boy, was that an unexpected effect of a bent pin!

However, I do hear the concern of "yet another connector" type in the $C$I
world, as was voiced as one response to my original email on this subject.
Hey, I hear you, but what's reasonable to do, if anything?

I hear that Hitachi uses these "mini Centronics" connectors on some of the
devices they sell in Japan.  I have been told these are called MDR (Mini
Delta Ribbon) connectors, and they are apparently sold by 3M in
configurations ranging from 20 to 100 pins.  The 100-pin version should be
used by the HiPPI folks, who have to deal with that many pins -- they must
be really prone to bending pins!

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