SCSI connectors

Jeff Blaalid, CMD Technology, (714) 454-0800 BLAALID at
Thu Sep 22 07:14:22 PDT 1994

>Say, have any of you folks out there had any problems with bent pins on your
>SCSI-2 connectors, particularly the 68-pin style?  I have, even though I try
>to be careful.  I have seen a "mini Centronics" style connector in the 100

    We have substantial problems with bent pins - it is a major headache
    for our technical support group.  And a very costly one.  

    We are currently discussing using the "mini Centronics" for our
    high-end subsystems because it has become such a problem.

>Are any folks out there sympathetic to my concern?  I'd like to know what
>this "mini Centronics" style connector's official industry name is, as well.

    Very sympathetic.  We are all stuck with these stupid pin connectors
    because there were two different types of "mini centronics" being
    pushed at the SCSI meetings and when a vote was called the "mini"
    camp was split - kinda like the last Pres. Election.....

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