SCSI HD Connectors

Wed Sep 21 11:43:16 PDT 1994

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Subject: Brian Berg's Comments on SCSI Connectors.

Brian commented on bent pins on the High Density connectors.  I don't
think the world need yet another $C$I connector -- unless you work for a
connector or cable company.  Note that the PNP SCSI Spec calls out a 50-pin
connector, not a 68-pin connector.  Our experience with the 50-pin connector,
which we have been shipping on adapters and cables for years, follows:

We go through a bunch of the SCSI 2 cables during mfg testing of host
adapters.  The male pins of the high density connector often breaks after a
couple of weeks testing.  At an average of 200 insertions a day, we estimate
the life expectancy of this cable to be around 2000 insertions.  We aren't
sure what the specs require, but it may not be a problem for end users who
may only hook it up once or twice a month maximum.

Thanks, Jeff Epstein,
Future Domain Corp.
Irvine, CA

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