FC-AL Native Attach Disk Profile PS

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Fri Sep 16 14:19:42 PDT 1994

From:   Kurt Chan
To:     SCSI/FC Reflectors
Subj:   FC-AL Native attach disk profile postscript
Date:   Fri Sep 16 14:11:43 PDT 1994

The postscript for the FC-AL Native attach disk profile is available
via anonymous ftp on ncrinfo.ncr.com under:


This is the version (0.40) handed out at the September meeting - it
does not include the changes made at that meeting.   It also addresses
some but not all of Gary Stephens' comments on version 0.20.

Version 0.50 will be available in a couple of weeks and will be
distributed at the Oct 4/5 meeting at the Denver Stapleton.


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