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Wed Sep 14 14:02:36 PDT 1994

                        1394 Trade Association
                         2nd General Meeting

Meeting Location
  AMD Building 927
  927 Thompson Place
  Sunnyvale, California

  The AMD building is at 927 Thompson Place which is at the corner
  of Deguigne and Thompson Place in Sunnyvale.  Driving direction
  from Hwy 101: Hwy 101 exit Lawrence Expwy south, right at
  Arques Blvd, right at DeGuigne, left at Thompson Place.
  Building 927 is the first building on the right.

  There are a lot of hotels in the Sunnyvale/San Jose/Sanata
  Clara area.  I usually stay at the Santa Clara Westin.

Tuesday,   9/20/94, 2pm-6pm PT     General Meeting
Wednesday, 9/21/94, 8:30am-5pm PT  Informal Workgroup Organization

1394 Trade Association Goals
  Focus 1394 Marketplace
  Put developers in touch with suppliers
  Provide a forum for insuring interoperability


1394 Trade Association Structure
  Steering Committee
  Working Groups
    Reflectors       - National
    Web & ftp server - Apple
    Office           - Skipstone

  AMD - host (National last time)
  Signup sheets
  Problems with email addresses

  Automobile considerations - Stefan (AMP)
  1394 Isochronous          - Michael Teener (Apple)
  The distance issue        - Max Bassler (Molex)
  1394 For Instrumentation  - Nigel Waites (National Instruments)
  Backplane Spec            - Joe Heinen (ITT)
  Printers                  - Mike Timperman (Lexmark)
    Integrating printing in the 1394 environment???

Working Groups
  Marketing        - Steve Fields (National)
    press release
  Video            - Mike Salas (TI)
  Packaging        - Max Bassler (Molex)
  Storage          - Mike Fitzpatrick (Seagate)
  Proposed         - gary hoffman
    command & control

Recent Activities
  Video - DVCR, VOST
  Multimedia Conference
  Dataquest Shootouts

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