94-178R0 -- Proposal for TEST SUPPORT command

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Fri Sep 9 08:01:11 PDT 1994

Ralf Weber wrote:
>I believe that this argument is specious.  For example, according to SCSI-2
>Rev. 10K, a disk that implements only mandatory commands cannot have data
>written to it.  Furthermore, the TEST SUPPORT command will provide equivalent
>support for was a requirement in SCSI-2 (the target's testing of reserved
>fields for zeros).  Thus, I think the TEST SUPPORT command must be mandatory.
 Yes I had forgotten that SCSI-2 had mixed variant devices together and
suffered the lack of clarity that brings(another complaint about including
changers in the common commands in SCSI-3). I think Write was not noted as
mandatory by having optical included in both Section 8 and their Own section.
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