Request for Message Codes

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Fri Sep 9 08:00:22 PDT 1994

Gary Porter  wrote:
>We will be requesting two new message codes, to support a translation
>capability from parallel SCSI to some other protocol, such as FCP or SBP.
 Be careful with this. It seems like a flawed approach to design a translator
which requires the parallel devices to change. This implies that the translator
can not be used with multi millions of SCSI devices. Why would the SPI devices
be motivated to include changes to accommodate noncompatible translators?
 Certainly I see a niche application for such translators if others are not
able to reasonably produce a transparent translator. The niche would be for
early attachment to serial interfaces that are testing the water.
 However a quick inspection of the messages does not appear adequate for the
niche. It is not obvious how the proposal addresses isochronous. I think a
determination should be made if there is sufficient interest in such an
application (non transparent). If there is, I think a model should be
established rather than just adding messages without visibility to the whole. I
f the interest is marginal, perhaps it should be vendor unique (value upgrade).
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