Draft Agenda for SCSI WG Meeting

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Tue Sep 6 12:06:14 PDT 1994

                                  Draft Agenda
                   X3T10 SCSI Working Group Sept 13-14, 1994

1. Opening Remarks

2. Attendance and Membership

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Physical Topics
   4.1 Fast-20 Node Capacitance (94-103r2, -151r0, -163r0) [Novak,Ham,Lamers]
   4.2 Higher Density Connector (94-160) [Whiteman\Lohmeyer]
   4.3 3.3-volt SCSI Issues (94-164r1) [Aloisi]
   4.4 Review of SCAM Annex in SPI Rev 13 [Johansson]

5. Protocol Topics

   5.1 SAM Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 994D) [Monia]
      5.1.1 Incorporating Dual Port into SAM (reflector messages) [Monia]
      5.1.2 Status Precedence (reflector messages) [Monia]
      5.1.3 Mandatory vs. Optional Features (reflector messages) [Monia]
   5.2 SBP Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 992D) [Lamers/Roberts]
      5.2.1 Proposed changes to SBP Isochronous Data Handling (94-161) [Smyers]
   5.3 FCP Forwarding Comments Resolution (Project 993D) [Snively]
   5.4 Should SIP require an IDENTIFY message? (reflector messages) [Frazier]

6. Command Set Topics
   6.1 Reserve & Release in SPC (94-106r2) [Weber]
   6.2 PORT STATUS Operation Code (94-176) [Weber]
   6.3 SCSI-3 INQUIRY Command (94-079r1) [McGrath]
   6.4 Data Recovery on Deferred Errors (94-067r2) [Houlder]
   6.5 FORMAT MEDIUM Command for SSC (94-146r1) [Cummings]
   6.6 Enhanced READ BUFFER command (94-128) [Lappin]
   6.7 Enhanced Partition Mode Pages for SSC (94-152r0) [Lappin]
   6.8 SCSI Queuing Data Integrity Problem? (reflector messages) [Sprinkle]
   6.9 QErr bit and Multi-Initiator (reflector messages) [Binford]
   6.10  TB, DTE, and PER bit interaction (reflector messages) [McGrath]

7. Other Topics
   7.1 Japanese Comments on CD 9316-1 (SCSI-2) [Lamers]
   7.2 TIB on SCSI-2 Logging Operations (94-168r0) [Penokie]
   7.3 TIB on SCSI-2 Sequential Access Partition Management (94-169r0) 

8. Meeting Schedule

9. Adjournment

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