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On Sep 6,  9:41am, Jim McGrath wrote:
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> Gene wrote:
> > In my comments my fingers came very close to saying that. Then I thought,
> the
> > task set management rules are really only defined in SAM. At least I hope
> they
> > are not defined two places - I try to deny the existence of annexes.
> I agree that the whole task set/queuing sections are unique to SAM.  My
> problem is that, as they are currently written, they only provide an
> architecture for the management of queuing.  Specifically, they leave the
> location (host, target) of the management of the various elements of the task
> set largely undefined.  That is, it is perfectly SAM compliance to, say,
> implement ordered tasks by having a device driver withhold the issuing of
> ordered commands until the device is idle (no queue entries), and then send
> them one at a time.  In this case, the target need never see an ordered tag. 
> Indeed, I am counting on this interpretation to help make my proposal on ATA
> command queuing more "SAM compliant", even though it will only require simple
> tags.
> Given this, I cannot approve SAM if the interpretation is that it applies to
> devices, for in the interests of defining a general architecture (a good and
> proper thing to do), it fails to give enough direction to design a compliant
> implementation at a target level.
In this ever changing world, what is a target and what is an initiator anyway?
The boundaries between these two will always be changing.

> Jim
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