Forwarding of Comments I

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at
Fri Sep 2 19:32:32 PDT 1994

        Reply to:   RE>Forwarding of Comments I received on 2F.

>  2)  First, a definition of MB should be made, as most use 2^20, but
>  some use 10^6
>  (even DOS is not consistent).

I agree that ATA-2 should define such terms as megabyte, but would suggest
10^6.  I believe this is consistent with what we decided in SCSI (where mega
1,000,000 times) and is consistent with all drive capacity specifications I
aware of (no one advertizes their drive using 2^20 simply because it creates
a lower, and thus less marketable, number).

> 4) 6.2.13 -CORR   I know that I (I is the originator not GEM) mentioned
> once before, but any drive
> formatted with 63 sector/track (which most over 400 MB are) reporting this
> status will cause an fallacious error (possibly uncorrectable) due to a
> long-standing bug in DOS. This status bit should be made vendor specific,
> IDX. It has outlived its usefulness.

We went over CORR, but think we ended up leaving it in.  I do not rember your
being raised though.


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