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I think I gave this to Larry Lamers for the procedures but I do not think I
posted it for others to see. If I did, sorry for a second posting.
As those that participate in X3T10 know, I have been campaigning for X3T10 to
guard against not being able to muster sufficient votes at meetings. This is
because of the appropriate rule that 2/3 voting includes a requirement for a
majority of the membership. To guard against failing unanimous votes, X3T12 has
had for several years the following rule which is documented each year in their
annual report. Quoting from the X3T12 annual report (for the X3T9.5 year of
"X3T9.5 (Now X3T12) Internal Procedures
X3T9.5 uses the procedures defined by the X3 SD-2. They interpret "Attendance
at a Meeting" to require signing the attendance roster, conduct in accordance
with the X3 SD-2, and responding to all roll call votes that may  be required
in completing the meeting agenda."
Although I do not know if X3 has specifically addressed this rule, OMC has
approved each year the report containing the rule.
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