Dal Allan dal at
Fri Sep 2 01:56:26 PDT 1994

          To:       Friends of Bill
     Subject:       Memorial Dinner

I am in the process of finalizing things with the Sofitel Hotel at present, 
and have had to decide on things like the menu. A buffet would have provided 
us more leeway in terms of attendance (like late-deciders at the meeting) 
but a dinner seemed to suit the occasion better. As Bill would have said: 

  "If you can't make your mind up, you don't deserve to attend." 

To simplify ordering confusion when we are all seated I decided to limit the 
selection to two. There is no red meat, because it is difficult to satisfy 
individual preferences on how rare it should be. The meal selected is: 

                         Smoked Trout appetizer 

   Braised Veal Loin w/mushrooms and Dijon Mustard sauce and potatoes
   Sauteed Chicken Breast and Lobster Tail w/Nantua sauce and potatoes

                            Fruit Charlotte 

                             Coffee or Tea

The public bar is just down the hall, so no bar will be set up in the room 
where dinner is to be served. The final estimate is not in yet, but the 
dinner cost will be under $40. 

I have asked that there be audio equipment in the room so that anybody who 
wishes to say a few words in memory of Bill can do so. Bill had a great 
sense of humor and this should not be a maudlin event. He would want us to 
remember the good times we shared with him, and enjoy the occasion. 

The following have responded to me as planning to attend. 

    Bill Dallas       Les Johnson      Jim McGrath        Scott Smyers 
    Steve Finch       Skip Jones       Gene Milligan      Bob Snively 
    Ken Hallam        Larry Lamers     George Penokie     Jeff Stai 
    Gerry Houlder     John Lohmeyer    Robbie Shergill    Ralph Weber 
The hotel has to be told what to serve on Friday 9th, so that the quantities 
of food needed can be ordered. That means I have to know how many are coming 
and what they want to eat. 

Could all those on the list please advise me of their meal preference?

It is unlikely any last-minute wishes to attend can be honored unless there 
are cancellations. 

If any others wish to join us on the evening of September 13 at the Sofitel 
Hotel in Houston, please reply to me at 250-1752 at with your name 
and meal preference before September 8. 


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