X3T10 Letter Ballots

John Lohmeyer uunet!ncr-mpd.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM!jlohmeye
Fri Oct 21 13:54:17 PDT 1994

There are currently five letter ballots out at X3T10 all due to close
on November 7th. Due to a wonderful SNAFU, I am extra concerned about
receiving the ballots from X3T10 members:  The Fax machine that I've
used since moving to Colorado Springs was moved last week to another
building (of course with no advance notice).  I have been receiving 
some of the letter ballots (by company mail which moves notoriously slow),
but I am concerned by the rather poor return rate.

A better fax number to use for me (for the next few months, at least) is: 

Also, if you tend to procrastinate to the last minute, please bring your
ballots to Palm Springs or have them express-mailed to the hotel.  I probably
will not receive ballots Fax'd after Thursday 11/3.

I am missing ballots from:

AMP, Inc.
Adaptec, Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices   --  Missing LB 94-204
Amdahl Corp.
Amphenol Interconnect
Apple Computer
Cirrus Logic Inc.
Compaq Computer Corp.
Conner Peripherals
Digital Equipment Corp.
Exabyte Corp.
FSI Consulting Services
Fujitsu Computer Products,Am
Future Domain Corp.
Harbor Electronics
Hewlett Packard Co.
Hitachi Micro Systems, Inc.
Honda Connectors
IBM Corp.
Interphase Corp.
Madison Cable Corp.
Maxoptix Corp.
Maxtor Corp.
National Semiconductor
Panasonic Technologies, Inc
QLogic Corp.
Quantum Corp.
Seagate Technology  --  Missing LBs 94-205, 94-206, & 94-207
Silicon Systems, Inc.
Sony Corp. of America
Storage Technology Corp.
Sun Microsystems Computer Co
SyQuest Technology Corp.
Tandem Computers
UNISYS Corporation
Unitrode Integrated Circuits
Western Digital Corporation
Zadian Technologies

If your company's name is on this list and you think I should have received
your ballot by now, please resend it to my new fax number.  



John Lohmeyer                      E-Mail:  John.Lohmeyer at FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
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1635 Aeroplaza Dr.                    Fax:  719-594-5462
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