Question : Defintion of task sets

Charles Monia, SHR3-2/W3, 237-6757 31-Oct-1994 1720 monia at
Mon Oct 31 14:19:05 PST 1994

Radek Aster wrote (in part):

>* what is the definition of a task set

>From SAM,rev 16, clause 4.1.96:

"Task Set: A group of tasks within a target device, whose interaction is
dependant on the queuing and auto contingent allegiance rules of clause 8."
(Clause 8 is the SCSI-3 queuing model.)

>* what's the difference between CLEAR TASK SET and ABORT TASK SET

CLEAR TASK SET aborts all tasks in the task set.

ABORT TASK SET aborts all tasks in the task set from the initiator issuing
the request. Tasks from other initiators are unaffected.


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