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Fri Oct 28 07:26:55 PDT 1994

October 27, 1994
X3T10 Members - The first electonic mailing is here.  I uploaded
'sy-94-05.zip' to area 9 on the SCSI BBS this morning.  In the
future I hope to get better cooperation and have it posted in
a more timely fashion.  Since this is experimental at this stage
John and I are looking for comments.

Please note that X3T10/94-202 "Effects of 20pF Capacitance on SE
Fast-20" is not in the electronic version.  Also the documents
|from the supplemental mailing are not in this version.  I will
post an update later.

The working drafts are not included in the electronic mailing.
They do exist; but T10 needs to discuss the distribution before
they are publically available.


Lawrence J. Lamers (ljlamers at aol.com)

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