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Welcome to the ipi-ext mailing list!

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
send the following command in email to
"ipi-ext-request at Think.COM":


Or you can send mail to "Majordomo at Think.COM" with the following command
in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe ipi-ext scsi.bbs at ftcollinsco.ncr.com

Here's the general information for the list you've
subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

Welcome to the ANSI X3T11 Mail Reflector and Redistribution List

                                                        v2.02 5/13/94

This mailing list is now under the control of a server called Majordomo.

Administrative requests to the list are handled by a mailing list
maintenance program called Majordomo.  To add or remove yourself from this
list, simply send a message to Majordomo at Think.COM containing only the line
such as:

	subscribe hippi-ext
	unsubscribe hippi-ext

and everything will be taken care of automatically.  Other commands can be
found by sending the message help.  Do not put anything in the subject
line.  Do not send such requests to the list itself, or you will bore
hundreds of people!  More importantly, I won't be reading that list, nor
will Majordomo.  If you really need to talk to a human about the list, send
mail to [hippi|ipi|serial-hippi|fibre-channel|fc-ip]-admin at think.com, and
someone will get back to you.

If your mail bounces repeatedly over the course of several days, I will
remove your name from the list.  It is up to you to check the list once
your mailer becomes healthy again.  Send mail to majordomo to find out
which lists you are on, by using the command "which".

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Some Frequently Supplied Answers:

o  This is not a BBS.  It is a mail reflector service.  Messages sent to
   the reflector list will be redistributed to everyone on the list.

o  Digests.  This list is available in digest form.  Digests are compiled
   every night, or more frequently if necessary.  Subscribe to it as you
   would any other list. 

o  List addresses.  Currently there are ten lists:

   fibre-channel-ext at think.com   fibre-channel-digest at think.com  
   fc-ip-ext at think.com           fc-ip-digest at think.com          
   hippi-ext at think.com           hippi-digest at think.com          
   serial-hippi-ext at think.com    serial-hippi-digest at think.com   
   ipi-ext at think.com             ipi-digest at think.com            

   The digests are just a daily compilation of the corresponding list that
   is sent out on a once a day basis, meant for those who pay for mail by
   the message or who just don't want to be bothered by a continuous mail
   stream during the day.  There is no reason to subscribe to both a
   mailing list and the digest form of it.

o  Administration.  The lists are maintained automatically by Majordomo.
   All requests for additions, deletions, or corrections should be sent to 
   majordomo at think.com.

   Do not, I repeat, DO NOT send administrative type of mail to the entire
   list.  This annoys me and creates needless mail for the list recipients.
   In addition, I can not guarantee that I or whoever the administrator is
   will be actually reading the list.  If you really need help, send a
   message to one of the -admin addresses.  Some people pay for internet
   connect service by the byte.  Don't waste their bandwidth.  

o  Keep your email address up to date and your mailer working.  All bounced
   mail eventually comes back to me.  If you fill up my mailbox past the
   annoyance level, I will remove your name from the list.  If you move or
   change your email, make sure that you let majordomo at think.com know so
   that it can update your entry.  If you haven't been receiving mail for a
   while, check to see whether you have been removed.  If you have, then
   you must resubscribe.

o  Archives.  Archives of these lists are not currently available through
   ftp, although with some effort they can be.  If the interest level is
   there, I will try to make some effort to do that.  Since the lists are
   now becoming available in digest form, this will be easier.

o  Mail Content.  This is not a moderated type of service.  However, if I
   determine that the content is not in the interests of the committee,
   then I will ask the poster to refrain from sending those types of
   messages.  This has not been a problem in the years of maintaining these
   lists.  Please limit discussions to matters concerning the ANSI
   committee affairs. 

o  Membership.  Anyone can be on the list.  There are no requirements, just
   a valid email address. 

Ed Parish
parish at think.com

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