Predicitive Failure Codes

George Penokie GOP at RCHVMP3.VNET.IBM.COM
Tue Oct 11 05:49:02 PDT 1994


Many of IBMs 3.5" SCSI drives will predict there failure.  This feature
has been in IBM drives for at least five years and it does work in the
the real world.  I know this because I am a user of IBM drives and have
seen PFAs work as advertized.

We have, also, incorperated PFA functions in our RAID subsystems (9337, 3514,
and 7137).

The ASC/ASCQ that informs a system that the target has detected a PFA
is 5D00.  That code was voted to be incorperated into SCSI-3 around March of
of 1991.  The document number is X3T9.2/91-027 Rev 1 and it is the current
version of the SPC working draft.

There is a group forming to further expand and define PFA.  There should
be a meeting notice coming accross the reflector by Oct. 14.

Bye for now,

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