Letter Ballots - Notice to Alternates

LJLamers at aol.com LJLamers at aol.com
Sun Oct 9 21:10:53 PDT 1994

October 9, 1994

X3T10 Alternates - There are five letter ballots being conducted as
part of X3T10 mailing SY-94-05:

X3T10/94-204r0 SCSI-2 TIB #1 to X3 for publication
X3T10/94-205r0 SCSI-2 TIB #2 to X3 for publication
X3T10/94-206r0 SCC forwarding to X3 for approval and first public review
X3T10/94-207r0 SSA-SCSI2 Project Proposal to X3 for approval
X3T10/94-208r0 X3T10 Policies and Procedures to X3 for approval

These ballots close at noon on November 7, 1994.  Your company can
loose its voting privledge within X3T10 for failure to return letter
ballots.  If you have reason to believe that your principal member
is unable to vote and you do not have access to the mailing please
contact me.


Lawrence J. Lamers
Adaptec                    TEL: 408-945-7817
691 Milpitas Bvld          FAX: 408-957-7193
Milpitas, CA   95035       EMAIL: ljlamers at aol.com

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