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                          CALL FOR SPEAKERS  

Every year, Dal Allan and I sponsor technology conferences on interfaces
and storage, and preparation is underway for 1995. The next
International  Interface Technology Conference is being held at the San
Jose Hyatt from  February 21-24 1995. 
      February  21-22  Tuesday-Wednesday   IDE/ATAPI/SCSI Forum 
                23-24  Thursday-Friday     Gigabit Highway Forum 
Conferences are oriented to the market and business aspects of new 
technology, which is not to say they aren't technical, but it is with a 
different focus.  
Attendees are engineering, planning and marketing personnel from
system integrator companies who come to hear 30 minutes of technical
and/or  business information on any one or more of the following
            ATA    ATAPI            HIPPI    PCMCIA    SCSI 
            ATM    Fibre Channel    P1394    PCI       SSA  
Commercials are not welcome. Product pitches are verboten (Dal has
been  known to take the mike away from blatant offenders). Talking
about the  technology which has been applied to build a product is of
interest, and  quite suitable.  

In appreciation for the efforts put into preparation, speakers do not have  
to pay to attend a Forum at which they speak. It is not necessary to
write a paper. All we ask is that hard copy of your material be available 3
weeks before so that we can include it in the book for conference

If you would be interested in speaking please email/fax/mail your name, a 
brief description of your speech, your title and your company. Should
you  have a picture suitable for printing in the brochure (B&W 5x7 or
larger),  please mail it as soon as possible.  

          Joe Molina 
          Technology Forums Ltd          507-931-0967  
          13 Marie Lane                  507-931-0976Fx  
          St Peter  MN 56082             470-6032 at  

I look forward to your response. 

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