Dal Allan 0002501752 at mcimail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:20:00 PST 1994

> When you look in SPI Annex A (on hot plugging), clause A.3 part a) uses the 
> word "quiesced". A very astute technical writer in our company has noted that 
> this word doesn't exist in any common dictionary. Can anyone come up with a 
> dictionary reference or other authority that defines this word and accepts it 
> as a member of the English language? 
Chambers Science and Technology Dictionary has several definitions (by area) 
of quiescent. This is a classic case of the language changing over time to 
reflect needs. Using the verb 'quiesce' is a fairly recent introduction and 
is obviously intended to create a quiescent condition. 
There was an article somewhere in the last decade which described how 
technology was adopting and manipulating words to create a new language 
which was dienfrnachising a large segment of the population. I never 
realized at the time that we were part of the problem.... 


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