SPI, Annex A wording

Russ Tuck tuck at MasPar.COM
Wed Nov 30 09:59:31 PST 1994

I think "has become quiescent" (or a similar phrase to fit the context)
might satisfy you.  It appears someone made a new verb from a perfectly
good adjective.  Verbizing [sic] (making a verb from another part of speech)
is a common mistake in English, although some might claim it is a sign
of healthy language evolution.

>> When you look in SPI Annex A (on hot plugging), clause A.3 part a) uses the
>> word "quiesced". A very astute technical writer in our company has noted that
>> this word doesn't exist in any common dictionary. Can anyone come up with a
>> dictionary reference or other authority that defines this word and accepts it
>> as a member of the English language?

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