SPI, Annex A wording

Rod Dekoning rdekonin at smtplink.wichitaks.ncr.com
Wed Nov 30 04:36:30 PST 1994

Gerry Houlder Wrote:

When you look in SPI Annex A (on hot plugging), clause A.3 part a) uses the
word "quiesced". A very astute technical writer in our company has noted that
this word doesn't exist in any common dictionary. Can anyone come up with a
dictionary reference or other authority that defines this word and accepts it
as a member of the English language?
If such a reference cannot be found, I think our Annex should be changed to
another word or phrase. I don't see the need for us to be defining new terms

I don't find the term 'quiesced' in the dictionary either, although I have heard
the term used repeatedly throughout the industry, and I believe it to be very 
common. I believe the term to be fairly well understood, and easily derived from
the following definition for those who are not familiar with it.  

Webster's New World dictionary defines the term quiescent(adjective) with forms 
of quiescence (noun) and quiescently (adverb) meaning 'quiet; sill; inactive'.  

My suggestion is to add the term to the glossary if it causes too much grief to 
readers of the document.  The alternative would be to change to one of the above
defined terms if we want to be DC (Dictionary Correct).

Rod DeKoning

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