Media changers attached to CD-ROM devices currently prohibited

Erich Oetting eros at
Mon Nov 28 08:52:44 PST 1994

On Wed, 23 Nov 1994, Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 wrote:

> Bob Snively wrote:
> > Yes.
> > I care.  However, I would have expected the Medium Changer and the
> > CD-ROM to have separate LUs and separate INQUIRY data indicating
> > their distinctive character, so it should be a "don't care" condition.
> Bob is correct, at least for one implementation.  However, approved document 
> 92-006r1 required that MOVE MEDIUM and READ ELEMENT STATUS be made common to 
> all device types.  The intent was that any device have access to minimal 
> medium changer capabilities, without being required to implement a logical 
> unit (LU) just for that task.
> The current operation code usage of the SET CD-ROM SPEED defeats this goal for 
> CD-ROM devices.

 Am I correct in assuming that SET CD-ROM SPEED is already in common usage
 and it is too late to change the opcode?

 ... Erich
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