Media changers attached to CD-ROM devices currently prohibited

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Wed Nov 23 08:48:36 PST 1994

Bob Snively wrote:

> Yes.

> I care.  However, I would have expected the Medium Changer and the
> CD-ROM to have separate LUs and separate INQUIRY data indicating
> their distinctive character, so it should be a "don't care" condition.

Bob is correct, at least for one implementation.  However, approved document 
92-006r1 required that MOVE MEDIUM and READ ELEMENT STATUS be made common to 
all device types.  The intent was that any device have access to minimal 
medium changer capabilities, without being required to implement a logical 
unit (LU) just for that task.

The current operation code usage of the SET CD-ROM SPEED defeats this goal for 
CD-ROM devices.



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