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X3 Announces a 30-Day Call for Participants for the Non-Contact 
Information Systems Test Plan, X3.256-TP:199x

Washington, D.C. , November 18, 1994 -- Accredited Standards Committee 
X3, Information Technology announces that technical committee X3T6, 
Non-Contact Information Systems has completed the review process on 
X3.256-TP:199x, the "Non-Contact Information Systems Test Plan."  At this 
time X3T6 is seeking Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) manufacturers 
to participate in a test to select a communications protocol that best meets 
RFID functional requirements.  The selected protocol will become the basis 
for the draft proposed American National Standard.  Testing is scheduled 
to begin in January 1995.

For further information contact the X3T6 Chairman, Mr. Jim Carnes at 
jcarnes at or 703-697-2500 or the X3 Secretariat, Lynn Barra at 
202-626-5738 or lbarra at

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