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X3 Announces the Public Comment Period of Technical Corrigendum 
1 to ISO/IEC-9075:1992, Information technology - Database Languages - 

Washington, D.C. , November 18, 1994 -- Accredited Standards 
Committee X3, Information Technology announces the two-month 
public review of Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC-9075:1992 for 
adoption in the U.S. and as Amendment 1 to the national standard 

The public review extends from December 16, 1994 to February 14, 1995.

This amendment (also approved as Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC 
9075) will be considered as part of ANSI X3.135:1992.  This amendment 
was issued for public review from October 15, 1993 to December 14, 1993.  
Due to the advantages of keeping the national and international standard 
aligned, this international version of the technically equivalent 
Amendment 1 is being adopted.

The draft Amendment 1 to ANSI X3.135-1992 differs from the 
Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC 9075:1992 in only:  1) the front-
matter (e.g. introduction), 2) placement of the new references (because the 
ISO and ANSI SQL documents differ slightly in this section), and 3) 
references throughout to "national" rather than "international" standard.

Comments and correspondence should be submitted to X3 
Secretariat, Attn:  Deborah J. Greco, 1250 Eye Street, NW, Suite 200, 
Washington, DC  20005.  Send a copy to:  ANSI, Attn:  BSR Center, 11 West 
42nd Street, New York, New York  10036.

This document is available from the American National Standards 
Institute, Publications Department at (212) 642-4900.

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X3 Secretariat, 1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington DC  20005
Telephone:  (202)737-8888  FAX:  (202)638-4922

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