November X3T10 Meeting Survey

Jeff Stai Stai x27644 stai at
Fri Nov 18 10:51:57 PST 1994

As part of the "debriefing" from the November X3T10 meetings, I need to
run a survey. Please direct your reply to me at: stai at

1. I had several "complaints" during the week regarding the fact that
there was no afternoon beverage service. We can add afternoon beverage
service next year, but the added cost will be about $7 per day per
room. Do you want afternoon beverage service?

2. Do you still want to pay for afternoon beverage service after I
point out that you could buy the soda of your choice at the gift shop
outside the meeting room for a lot less, or at the liquor store right
across the street for even less than that? ;-)

3. What didn't you like about the hotel or anything else about the
meeting arrangements?

4. Was there anything in particular you DID like?

Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey! We'd like to make
next year even better...

jeff stai
western digital i/o products
stai at
714-932-7644 voice
714-932-6496 fax

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