3.5" SCSI floppy drive??

Lester Buck buck at stormy.clearlake.ibm.com
Thu Nov 17 13:53:25 PST 1994

>Is there any body out there who makes 3.5" SCSI floppy drive other
>than TEAC??
>We couldn't find any and neither did our supplier.  We have to shut
>down our production line every time the market ran dry of this TEAC
>drive.  It would be really nice to have some alternatives!!!

The Computer Select CD-ROM database from Computer Library (part of
Ziff-Davis) has hardware and software specifications for thousands of
products.  I searched in category: Disk Drives (2443 hits),
subcategory:  Floppy Disk Drives (92 hits), and words anywhere:
SCSI (4789 hits).  I got seven intersection hits:

1.  SuperDrive, Apple Computer
2.  Model G6880-Q, etc., Data General
3.  RX23,  Digital Equipment
4.  Model 5630S, IEM, Inc.
5.  FD-235HS, TEAC America, Inc.
6.  Model 1015S, Texas ISA, Inc.
7.  Model 1060S, Texas ISA, Inc.

Maybe some of these are relabeled TEAC; I can't tell.



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