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Washington, D.C., November 14, 1994--Accredited Standards Committee 
X3, Information Technology, is inviting interested parties to participate in 
the work of technical committee X3H7, Object Information Management 
and to review it working document.

X3H7 was established in 1992.  The primary goal of X3H7 is to promote 
consistency in the object aspects of standards developed by ANSI, ISO, 
industry consortia, etc.  A major activity is identifying and resolving 
conflicting object models.

In this context, an "object models" is any model that includes objects 
as an important element.  Such models might be used for description or 
construction of software systems, for analysis or design, or as the basis for

standards, languages, or tools.

Comments are invited on the "Object Model Features Matrix", developed by 
X3H7.  It is a representative sample of the design space of object models, 
illustrating key variations in important object model characteristics.  The 
matrix is organized by rows denoting various object models and columns 
denoting various object model features. It is organized as a text, in column 
order.  That is, entries are grouped by object model features.

X3H7 is not seeking product descriptions, but looking for other object 
models which incorporate interesting design choices, different from those 
of the models currently represented by rows in the matrix.  New rows 
(descriptions of additional object models) submitted according to the 
columns (features) used in the current matrix will be helpful. Suggestions 
for changes to the features (e.g. in order to facilitate descriptions of 
features in specific models) are also welcome, as are suggestions for 
changes to the presentation format of the matrix itself.

Copies of the matrix may be obtained by anonymous ftp for review.  
Comments and suggestions should be submitted to the X3H7 Chairman, Mr. 
Glenn Hollowell at glenn_hollowell at or Sematech Inc., 2706 
Montopolis Dr., Austin, TX  78741-6499

The document is about 90 pages.  There are several formats. There is also a 
hypertext version of the document, for viewing with Mosaic.  See below for 


1. FTP to (
2. At the name prompt, enter "anonymous".
3. At the password prompt, please enter your email address
(in the form: "username at site").
4. Then "cd pub/dom" (to change directories to "pub/dom")
5. Use the standard FTP commands, such as "get", "dir" etc.
to transfer the files you want ("dir" prints the directory,
"get X" copies file X to your site).
6. When you have finished copying the files you need, enter "quit".

The files are:        version 8, Postscript form
X3H7FM08.rtf       version 8, RTF form [that's "zero eight"].
In later versions,  08  will change to  09 ,  10 , etc.


1. Know how to use Mosaic.
2. Go to the Mosaic page:
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