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Tak Asami Asami x7621 asami at
Thu Nov 10 23:50:19 PST 1994

Western Digital Corporation hosts several reflectors on the internet, 
including SSA, ATA and ATAPI.
I have been doing the administrator of SSA reflector, but lately I am 
noticing several people trying to sign up to this reflector in incorrect 
manner, sometimes in very harmful way (to the reflector operation).
I'd like to clarify how to correctly sign up.

The Western Digital reflector is run under automated administration program 
called Major Domo.  It receives subscription request in a specific command 
syntax and register you in.  If you would like to sign up, send following 
message to: ssa at (*NOT* to scsi at

subscribe ssa (your_internet_address)

No subject, no phone number, nothing else is needed. For example, if your 
node name is asami at, you send the message body:

subscribe ssa asami at

You will receive the welcome message from Major to confirm your 
subscription. Never, never send the message like

subscribe ssa majordomo at

This can be downright harmful to the operation of the reflector.

Of course, if you receive this message, chances are you already know this 
stuff.  But if you know someone who wish to sign up to the board, please 
pass on the correct information.

Tak Asami =======================================================
Western Digital Corp.
I/O Product Engineering
asami at
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