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X3 Announces Approval of a New Project on
Text Methods for Card Durability Evaluation

Washington, D.C. , November 8, 1994 -- Accredited Standards Committee 
X3, Information Technology announces the approval of a new project and 
invites interested parties to participate.  This standard is being developed 
in Technical Committee X3B10-Identification Cards and Related Devices.

This proposed standard will address overall durability parameters for 
ID cards and provide a means for card life evaluation.  Physical durability 
tests may include parameters for flexure, brittleness, chemical resistance, 
and impact resistance.

An initial call for patents and other pertinent issues related to this
is now being issued.  Submit all correspondence to:  X3 Secretariat, Attn.: 
Lynn Barra, 1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC  20005.

For further information regarding X3B10 activities, contact Mr. Christopher 
Dyball, chairman of X3B10, at (415) 969-4428 or 73530,423.

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